Taylor Swift and Harry Styles reportedly “cleared the air” at a pre-Oscar party.

The 24-year-old singer broke up with One Direction star Harry in January of last year and reports suggest it’s been tense between the pair ever since.

But according to UK newspaper The Mirror, the stars are tired of dodging each other at high-profile events, and finally decided to put the past behind them at Harvey Weinstein’s star-studded bash in Los Angeles Saturday night.

“They both realised that they’re obviously going to keep bumping into each other at showbiz events, so they might as well make it civil between them,” a source said, adding that Harry and Taylor were seen enjoying a “friendly 10-minute chat”.

“They broke up over a year ago, so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t just keep things friendly between them when they see each other,” the insider added.

Since the split, the pair have both moved on to other high-profile romances.

Harry famously dated Kendall Jenner, while Taylor has been linked to Romeo and Juliet actor Douglas Booth.

Reports suggested in November, however, that the country music darling had ulterior motives when she began seeing the thespian.

“Taylor’s date with Douglas was all about making Harry jealous, and she made sure that everyone found out about her night out,” a source told Hollywood Life shortly after they were seen out and about.

“Taylor usually tries to be really low-profile, but for her meeting with Douglas she purposely chose somewhere that she knew would get attention.

“She went to one of busiest pubs in London and sat in the public area. She wanted the news to get out about the date because she knows it will make Harry jealous.”