Kylie Minogue's "sonar" is often "totally asleep".

The 45-year-old singer is one of the judges on the UK version of The Voice, alongside He has caused controversy in the past as he likes to tweet throughout the live shows, with Kylie admitting she is stunned by how up with technology he is.

"He's on devices quite often, but you know, that's just how he is. I call him one of those people whose sonar is always on. Mine's really on and then really off - totally asleep," she laughed to British magazine Heat.

Both Kylie and will are on the Australian version of the singing competition too, alongside Ricky Martin. There are many similarities between the shows, although those taking part seem to have set characteristics.

"I feel like in general, the contestants don't cry as much [in Australia] as the British ones. They're less dramatic. It could be the fact that the show is filmed in January and it's a glorious summer's day outside," Kylie explained.

The singer's latest album Kiss Me Once is due out later this month and she can't wait for it to be available. She is looking forward to hearing fans' reactions and has previously spoken of how touched she's been by their support ahead of her 12th record.

"The fans have, knowingly or unknowingly, really helped me through the past year - showing their support and their enthusiasm,” she told MailOnline.

“Sometimes they're pushy - ‘Where is it' Where is it' We want it now!’ and I'm thinking, ‘I'm going as fast as I can go!’ - but it helps knowing that they're keen, they're hungry. So I wanted to give them the best meal that I can.”