Pete Wentz doesn’t think God cares about people praying.

The Fall Out Boy rocker is yet to decide on his feelings about religion completely. He hints he thinks there is an afterlife, but believes many conventional teachings about God are wide of the mark.

“I don’t know. I really wanna believe and I definitely do when the plane I’m on takes off and lands. But, at the same time, this can’t be it. I do believe that there’s something else out there,” he told Kerrang! magazine. “It’s not all a bunch of luck that makes everything happen, but I’d say whatever that God is, I’d find it hard to believe they’d be worried about what type of prayers people were doing.”

Pete touched on many subjects during the interview, including music. He admits he isn’t proud of the group’s 2008 record Folie à Deux and would happily erase it and re-record if he could.

The star revealed he doesn’t like to dance very much because he isn’t that talented at it. He can sometimes be found playing dancing computer games with his five-year-old son Bronx, whose mother is his ex-wife Ashlee Simpson, though. The bassist is currently expecting a baby with his girlfriend Meagan Camper.

Pete is close to his Fall Out Boy bandmates Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley and some of his best times have been with them.

“The largest [dinner bill] I’ve ever seen was when Joe got some Louis XIII [Remy Martin], or whatever that cognac is. He slammed, like, three or four of those in a row. I’d say the bill was over a couple of thousand dollars. The drink is very expensive and you’re supposed to sip it, not shoot it,” he laughed.