Chatting to 6 Music presenters Stuart Maconie and Mary Anne Hobbs, Damon speaks about how he came to go on tour after a conversation with Stuart Maconie in a Manchester hotel bar, his reaction to his first record under his own name and the reason he did the solo album and the narrative of it.

He also spoke about a recent visit to North Korea, his first gig in London and how he is excited about the new band and how the line-up allows there to be a five part harmony…

Also this Sunday, on the weekend of his first UK live solo performance at the BBC Radio 6 Music Festival, Damon features in a special one-off episode of First Time With... in which presenter Matt Everitt speaks to the musical polymath about his remarkable career.

Recorded at his West London studios, First Time with Damon Albarn sees Damon talk through the musical journey of his life so far. Looking at some of his well-known successes with Blur and Gorillaz, but also some of the more esoteric and little known aspects of his work – his film soundtrack work with Michael Nyman, and the impact Terry Hall and (suprisingly) Nick Kershaw made on his life.

He also talks about how his first trip to Africa in 2000, in the wake of Blur’s split, rehabilitated his passion for music, his close friendship with Afrobeat drumming legend Tony Allen and his first – deeply personal – solo album. The interview reveals a fascinating journey through the life of one of the most innovative, eclectic and successful songwriters in popular music.

First Time with Damon Albarn, Sunday March 2, 1pm, BBC Radio 6 Music

Check out the interview here.