Production for the Gregg Allman’s biopic ‘Midnight Rider’ has been placed on hold.

Unclaimed Freight Productions, who is making the Gregg Allman biopic Midnight Rider, has temporarily shutdown production in light of last weeks tragic accident and the police investigation.

The production was filming on a bridge in Jessup, GA when a train suddenly appeared. Crew attempted to clear the bridge but was not able to get a mattress, being used in a train sequence, off in time. Second camera assistant Sarah Jones was killed by the train and a number of crew members were injured by flying debris.

Since the incident, it has come to light that the production may have not had permission to shoot on the bridge even though they claimed they had information on when two scheduled trains were scheduled to pass. If it is found that they did not have permission or were elegant, members of the crew could face criminal prosecution including homicide charges.

Authorities are now reviewing the footage from the scene to try and determine what occurred.

There is no word on when production on Midnight Rider will resume.

Unclaimed Freight Productions made the film CBGB and are currently working on Caribou Records, the story of James William Guercio’s Colorado recording studios where artists like Elton John, Billy Joel and Chicago made some of their greatest albums.

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