Aaron Paul has confessed that Drake gives good hugs.

The Breaking Bad star met the rapper while away in France, and the pair immediately embraced despite not knowing each other.

Following the squeeze, Drake uploaded a photo to his Instagram account which he captioned "Pinkman. Too epic. (sic)" in reference to Aaron's onscreen alter ego, Jesse Pinkman.

"We saw him in Paris the other day... first time I met him, he just opened up his arms and gave me a hug and said what a fan he was of the show. And, you know, I'm such a huge fan of Drake as well. He's a great hugger, it was very nice - it was a good moment," Aaron recalled to BBC Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw.

He went on to reveal that since the success of the award-winning Breaking Bad, which centres on the story of two men making and selling the world's purest crystal meth, he's been able to meet many people that he had admired from afar.
"It's crazy. Breaking Bad has become such a global kinda phenomenon. We did it for seven years and it's taken a while for the world to catch up but they finally have," Aaron said.

The smash hit show reached its dramatic climax in 2013, after running for five seasons.

Since the programme finished, Aaron has moved into the world of movies. He is currently starring in fast paced adventure Need for Speed, opposite Dakota Johnson, Dominic Cooper and Imogen Poots.

"It's based on the video game Need for Speed, but the video game had no narrative so we could really go wherever we wanted to with this movie. It's just a crazy, fun ride across the county. It's like a race against time, revenge. It's all about my character trying to right a wrong. It's a great, fun story," Aaron explained.

"I've always been into cars, but definitely much more now. With this film, all the stunts are practical. They didn't use any CGI or a green screen, so everything you see actually was captured on camera. So that was really exciting."

When Nick asked if he performed his own stunts, Aaron was quick to respond with a: "Hell no!”

Need for Speed is released in the UK on March 12.