Chris Brown is supposedly “grateful for the women in his life”.

The musician recently completed a three-month rehab stint for anger management issues.

And apparently the time spent in treatment has made Chris realise how lucky he is.

“He’s real grateful and thankful that he has some of the strongest and most loyal women in his life. He wouldn’t be where he is today, a grown and changed man, if it wasn’t for his mother, Karrueche and even his ex-girlfriend [Rihanna], who he’s not talking to right now,” a source told Hollywood Life. “He gives props where props are due and he’s learned many valuable lessons as a result of having those three special women in his life at one point or another.”

After all the trouble of the past few years, Chris seems to be focusing his attention back on his career. His long-awaited new album X is set to be released in May, and the singer is excited to show his journey through music.

"So this album, creative-wise, is just musically sound, diverse, a lot of different genres attached themselves to the song, like, different fans,” he told UK newspaper The Guardian last year. “It doesn't have to be necessarily a song for one race, it's mostly for everybody. Just when you take those journeys through the X album, I mean, you start looking at certain songs, you'd be like, 'Oh, I get that, I can relate to this song' or, 'Oh, I like this song. This sounds good.' With this album I think it can just identify with any age group, with any race, with any culture."