Justin Bieber’s car reportedly contained marijuana.

The 19-year-old star’s security guard was arrested Tuesday after allegedly stealing a paparazzo’s camera.

And TMZ now reports marijuana has been discovered in the vehicle seized by police after the minder was taken into custody.

The car, an Escalade, was parked at Justin’s rental home in Atlanta before being impounded.

In a police report obtained by the outlet, it is claimed less than an ounce of the drug was found upon official inspection.

Also allegedly unearthed were two used glass smoking pipes caked with what appears to be marijuana residue.

Apparently the amount of evidence uncovered isn’t enough to charge any party with criminal offences for drug possession.

The pop star, who will turn 20 on Saturday, is said to be renting a home in the Atlanta, and went to a local amusement park Tuesday afternoon when a member of his team snatched a camera from a lurking photographer.

A law enforcement source previously asserted Justin was waiting in a chauffeured Escalade when security exited the vehicle and got into an argument with the waiting paparazzo. The accused reportedly then grabbed the camera, handed it to the driver and told him to take off.

The Escalade Justin sat in was taken into possession by authorities later on in the day.

Also on Wednesday, footage of Justin performing a sobriety test in a Miami jail surfaced. The star missed a few steps while attempting to walk in a straight line. And according to TMZ, authorities believe this proves he was intoxicated before being taken into custody for driving under the influence last month.

CNN reports a hearing in the Miami case is scheduled for next Tuesday in preparation for trial.