Pete Wentz once tried to get Sir Richard Branson kicked out of a party.

The Fall Out Boy bassist was having a good time at a Hollywood bash when someone dived through his legs and tried to get him on their shoulders.

The rock singer was so incensed he contemplated getting the mystery man thrown out, until he realised who it was.

"I was at a party in LA, and there was this guy crawling around on the floor. He went between my legs and started picking me up. I was like, 'I'm gonna get this guy kicked out'. But it was Richard Branson!" Pete laughed to British Kerrang! magazine.

"We ended up having a good laugh afterwards. Are we friends now? Um, he gave me free plane tickets."

Despite the freebie plane ride, 34-year-old Pete admits that Richard is jet to loan him a private jet.

On the advice of a work colleague, Pete has been trying to make friends with someone who has their own private air transport.

After splashing the cash on luxury travelling in the early days of Fall Out Boy, Pete is now looking for friends who can ferry him about.

"When I was in my 20s, if I missed a flight, I'd be like 'I'll just pay for a jet.' And then when we were in the studio with Babyface [producer], making Thnks fr th Mmrs, he took me aside because I was laughing about it. He said, 'Don't ever pay for a private jet. Make friends with people who have private jets!' Have I got a friend with one? Nobody nice!" he joked.