Marc Anthony reportedly makes over $1 million a month, according to new court documents

The singer’s ex-wife Dayanara Torres is demanding a substantial increase in child support from the singer, and TMZ reports Marc was forced to disclose his income in legal forms.

Dayanara and Marc were married from 2000 until 2003 and have two children – sons Cristian Anthony Muñiz, 13, and Ryan Anthony Muñiz, 10.

According to the outlet, the former Miss Universe is currently getting $13,000 a month in child support but wants that amount raised to $113,000 based on Marc’s wages.

In legal documents obtained by the outlet, Marc claims to be worth $20.8 million, $260,000 of which is in cash.

The singer apparently also claims to be paying a further $18,000 in child support for “other relationships”. The amount is thought to be for his twins Max and Emme with ex-wife Jennifer Lopez.

He is reportedly accusing Dayanara of irresponsible money management as he is paying her $28,4216 a month in spousal and child support combined, according to TMZ.

While there is clearly tension between Marc and Dayanara, he appears to be getting along much better with Jennifer.

The musician has spoken many times about how important his friendship is with the pop star, and how he will always love her.

Marc’s affection for Jennifer even extends to her boyfriend Casper Smart, who he claims to respect and appreciate. Casper has made it clear the feeling is mutual, reports People magazine.

"Yeah, we're buddies!" the former back-up dancer said at the preview of rapper Tyga's new flagship store Last Kings on Thursday.

"Anything can be awkward if you let it be awkward, but if you don't, if you rise above it immediately, then it's not awkward," he added. “When there's kids involved in anything you can't let ego or pride or any of that get in the way, because kids are more important than anything."