A Great Big World are huge fans of One Direction.

The American duo, comprised of Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino, couldn't help but sing the praises of the British boyband when quizzed on what tunes they liked.

The two-member group hail from New York and rose to prominence after collaborating with Christina Aguilera on their song Say Something.

"I love One Direction, I feel like they are super-talented and their songs are so catchy," Chad revealed to MTV News.

"Story Of My Life, I can't stop singing that song, even still, it's one of my favourite songs out there. We met them at the AMAs [American Music Awards] and they are so nice," added Ian.

"I really love that it's catching on everywhere... it makes sense. It's good music and they're good guys," Chad summarised.

Say Something is already a big hit in America and reached number four in the UK charts this weekend.

A Great Big World also has a big following thanks to one of their songs featuring on Glee.

This Is The New Year was performed by some of the most popular members of the cast as a group song, including Darren Criss who plays Blaine, Kevin McHale who portrays Artie and Heather Morris who stars as Brittany.

A Great Big World kick off their tour next month, which takes in dates across America plus one in London, and have warned fans that the show is a fast paced one.

"It's an energetic show. We're very emotive and I've been compared to Animal from The Muppets. And Chad jumps a lot. We used to have a trampoline," Ian laughed recently.

"Whenever we have big stages that just allows us room to just, just go crazier. And Ian, Ian gets a little violent with his keyboard and his keyboard bench," Chad joked.