Johnny Depp has reportedly enlisted the help of a musical pal to help him buy a pub in London.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor is departing from his onscreen rum swigging ways and looking to buy a bar he can turn into a live venue, according to sources.

And to help him on his quest he has allegedly asked Shane MacGowan, the frontman of The Pogues, for advice.

"It’ll be the kind of place for up-and-coming bands and occasionally a big name act will do a low-key gig," an insider revealed to British newspaper The Sun.

“He loves jamming with Shane and Shane knows London, so has been helping him when it comes to potential venues.”

Johnny has always had a keen interest in music and has dipped his toes into that arena on numerous occasions.

In 1993 he formed alternative rock band P with actor Sal Jenco, songwriter Bill Carter and Butthole Surfers frontman Gibby Haynes.

The group was short lived, but could often be found playing at celebrity haunt The Viper Room in Hollywood, which was partly owned by Johnny.

The 50-year-old actor previously worked with Shane on the singer's first solo album, as well as collaborating with British band Oasis and Marilyn Manson.

He's said to be looking at venues in the Islington and Shepherd's Bush area of the British capital.

"It’s always been Johnny’s dream to have a boozer in London which puts on live music," the source added.

Johnny has gushed about his love for music in the past, and has spoken openly about the freedom he feels when playing the guitar.

"Music was huge for me. I loved playing the guitar and playing in a band and just hanging out with guys who loved music and pretty much felt the same way about school and life that I did.

Even though I knew at one point that I would never be a great guitar player, I still loved the freedom that came from playing in a band. My band was good enough to open for Iggy Pop and that was a wild time for us. Music was the thing that got me out of pumping gas and indirectly led me into acting," Johnny revealed.