Kelis is happy to just have "easy" relationships.

The singer married rapper Nas in 2005, but she filed for divorce while seven months pregnant in 2009 and the matter was finalised just over a year later.

It was a tricky split, but a judge ruled Nas would have to pay $55,000 a month to Kelis and their baby Knight in child and spousal support.

Now the musician is keen to surround herself with positive people.

"It's easy to love who loves you and it's awesome to be around people that love what you do, and support you and are receptive to you," she explained to British magazine Pride.

"At this point in my life, all I want is nice and easy! I don't have patience for the drama and politics."

A keen cook herself, she added that a man hoping to impress her should serve up a dish that is "meat related".

At the moment she's focusing on her music, with her sixth album FOOD due for release in April.

The 34-year-old is happy to take her time when it comes to recording tracks and it's her first offering since 2010's Flesh Tone.

She pays little attention to other stars and is unaware of the antics some are willing to get up to for publicity.

"Honestly? I have no concept of what's going on out there," she shrugged.

"It's not like I make an effort not to know, I just don't know - it's not even a hard thing to do! Part of me thinks that it's just healthier that way, but I'm also oblivious by nature. The industry serves its purpose and it has to be what it has to be, but then there are artists like myself... where you can see that those things don't necessarily have to go together."