Simon Cowell says others' success spurs him on.

The music mogul is behind popular TV show The X Factor and the Got Talent franchise.

In recent years he's faced stiff competition from the likes of The Voice but rather than seeing it as a threat, it helps him to make his shows the best they can be.

"To be honest, it only spurs us on harder," he reasoned to the British edition of OK! magazine.

"On the bright side, it does tell you that people are still interested in these shows, thank god."

The 54-year-old star recently announced he was cancelling The X Factor US, where he had been serving as a judge since 2011, to return to the British version.

Cheryl Cole worked on the panel of the UK version between 2008 and 2010 and there are rumours she could return with Simon for the next season.

He remains hopeful that she will accept his offer.

"We both need each other," he admitted.

"She's still in the papers; that's the interesting thing about her. She hasn't been on TV for three years but if she peels an orange she's in the papers. But she's a good judge - a really good judge."

Cheryl mentored Cher Lloyd on the seventh season of the show who, despite not finishing in the top three, has enjoyed success in the UK and America.

Among Simon's successes are Brit boyband One Direction, who have become a global success.

Zayn Malik, who is part of the band, is set to marry his singer fiancée Perrie Edwards and Simon hopes he will bag an invite.

"I better check that I have an invite first!" he quipped when asked if he would be at the wedding.