Miguel has pled no contest to driving under the influence.

The 28-year-old Grammy Award-winning singer was charged with a DUI last September.

And after pleading no contest in court on Friday, Miguel was quick to apologise for his behaviour.

"Driving with alcohol in my system was reckless,” he told TMZ reporters outside the courthouse.

“I'm really sorry and I'm taking responsibility for this mistake."

Miguel was sentenced by Judge Lynn Hobbs to three years of informal probation, $360 in fines for the offence, and he must also complete an alcohol education course.

The musician, best known for his track #Beautiful with Mariah Carey, was arrested in Los Angeles in August 2013. He was initially stopped because the tint of his BMW X6 windows was deemed too dark by cops. After he was pulled over, police apparently suspected he had consumed alcohol.

Last year was a challenge for the star, as he also garnered bad press for accidentally leaping onto the head of audience member Khyati Shah at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. The injured woman supposedly considered suing Miguel, as her lawyers claimed the incident caused “neurological” damage.

But it seems Miguel has bounced back from the controversies and is now focusing intently on his music.

After putting on a riveting performance with Australian country singer Keith Urban at the Grammy Nominations Concert in December, the star revealed a unique professional collaboration may be in the works.

"Keith is honestly, hands-down probably the coolest guy I've got to work with, especially on a collaborative,” Miguel told ET Online after the show, before begging directly into the camera, “Keith can we make some music? This is the official request and I'm doing it on television.”