Sean Paul would rather not know if someone was cheating on him.

The singer has been in the industry since the '90s and is behind current smash hit Other Side Of Love.

Lyrics include the lines: "Baby, you don't have to keep looking through my phone
If something's going on, girl, you'd already know."

When it comes to his relationships, the 41-year-old would never be tempted to scroll through his girlfriend's messages.

"Well, past girlfriends have snooped through my phone, but I don't do it," he told

"Because if someone was really cheating on me, I'd rather not know!"

In the past Sean was dating Susanne Persson, but it ended in a bitter lawsuit, with his ex suing him for $80 million after claiming he illegally deported her from Jamaica and drove her to attempt suicide.

He's currently believed to be single and the musician admits he will always have trouble understanding women.
"I don't think I ever will!" he laughed. "But I'll keep trying..."

He might not be completely clued-up about the ladies, but over the years Sean has managed to pick up some tips.

These days he knows how to treat women and what they like to hear from him.

"It's the golden rules that apply to every person: treat others the way you want to be treated. But with women it's important to give them the space to express themselves," he shared.

"I've also learnt to ask: 'How was your day?' And then I listen to the whole answer. Paying attention and communicating are the most important things in a relationship.

"I only ever compliment women. It's not clever to tell a woman when she doesn't look good. [Laughs] There are things you should keep to yourself!"