Haim love throwing "big dance parties".

The three sisters - Danielle, Alana and Este, along with cousin Dash Hutton - are enjoying the success triggered by the release of their debut record Days Are Gone.

As their popularity grows the group enjoy giving their fans a good time at concerts, especially now their followers know the lyrics to their tracks.

"It's been a complete whirlwind. We were on the road touring, mixing and finishing the record all at the same time when it all started to happen; which was quite a lot of pressure. Things just picked up so quickly last year, everything was getting busy and we didn't expect it at all," Danielle explained to nottinghampost.com.

"For us, playing shows is where we have the most fun. I love it when we have big dance parties. It's my favourite thing when the audience get into it and have a really great time.

"Now that the album's out, people will know our songs and be able to sing back to us, which is awesome because for most of our career we'd play a full set but not everyone would know the songs."

Earlier this week the trio were nominated for best international group at the BRIT Awards along with Macklemore, Kings of Leon and Daft Punk, with the latter scooping the prize.

The girls felt privileged to have their names mentioned in the same breath as such big musicians.

"I can't believe we were nominated, especially alongside all the other nominees. It's crazy – when we got the news we were so surprised," Danielle smiled.

Their biggest gig to date came in the form of Glastonbury Festival last year. During their stints at various music events over the summer Danielle noticed a bouquet of flowers left in each dressing room the band were allocated.

"It was sweet but I don't understand how he figured out how to get them to me," she commented about the mystery admirer.

"It was really sweet but a little crazy at times because they were just to me."