Rihanna is reportedly keen to cut back on smoking marijuana.

The Bajan born singer celebrated her 26th birthday yesterday, and sources close to the pop star say that she's now focusing on being "healthy and happy".

Rihanna has always been open about her feelings towards the drug, and has previously posted pictures on Twitter showing her with giant rolled up cigarettes with the hashtag "legalizeit (sic)".

"Simply put, she wants to be healthy and happy. She loves blowing fire but said she’s going to drastically cut back or even quit smoking,” an insider revealed to HollywoodLife.com. “She knows she blazes every day and while it’s not going to kill her, it’s not the healthiest thing for her. So she’s trying to quit a bit. But don’t worry; she’s still going to be sexy with a banging body. She’s just going to feel a lot better.”

Rihanna is currently gracing the front cover of Vogue's March issue, flaunting her toned and enviable physique.

Drake, who Rihanna has been romantically linked to in the past, is said to have gotten in touch with the We Found Love singer to wish her a happy birthday.

"Drake gave her a shout-out. He hit her up, asked how she’s doing and how she feels on her 26th. She said, ‘I’m good, Pa, thank you and much love to you.’ He didn’t want to keep her too long because he knows she’s enjoying herself with friends," the source added.

Reports have surfaced that the pair have once again grown close, and it was even rumoured that Drake sent Rihanna a bouquet of white roses and champagne on Valentine's Day.