The follow-up to top 10 albums 'THE TRICK TO LIFE' and 'THE ILLUSION OF SAFETY’, the new album was produced by the band, and recorded in the East London warehouse where bassist Martin Skarendahl has amassed a collection of vintage recording equipment and instruments.

The News From Nowhere is an astonishing return to form. “Doing it on our own terms,” says lead singer Irwin Sparkes, “and actually having a proper say in it, felt wonderful. We have nothing to lose, but a lot to prove.”

From the opening bars of ‘Somewhere in the Distance’ to the closing notes of ‘Nathan’s Loft’, The News From Nowhere is the sound of a band who have rediscovered what they love about music, and why they need to make it together. Gone is the self-consciousness of the dog days around their second album; gone, too, the self-doubt. In their place is a deeply rooted – and hard-won – confidence, and a determination to lock back in to the freedom and joy of the early days.

The video for first single from the album - 'Somewhere In The Distance', - was created by fans, who submitted footage via social media of their own interpretation of the lyrics. It was then edited together by the band. Check it out here:

The News From Nowhere is available to pre-order now, in multiple formats direct from the band’s website

‘The News From Nowhere’ Track-listing:

1. Somewhere In The Distance
2. Make Or Break (You Gotta Know)
3. My Last Fight
4. Fidget Brain
5. Handsome Girls And Pretty Boys
6. The News From Nowhere
7. Rocket Star
8. To The Lions
9. Upset
10. Weirdo
11. Impossible Boy

The Hoosiers are: Irwin Sparkes, Martin Skarendahl, Alan Sharland & Sam Swallow