Pharrell Williams may appreciate women "in his little dirty ways" but he also has massive respect for them.

The super producer is gearing up for the release of his second solo album, which is called G I R L and will hit stores in ten days. It's his first release in eight years and he's explained why the title has such deep meaning for him.

"To me there's an unbalance that's out there in the world. I admire women in a lot of ways, but I needed to make sure that everyone knew that. On the surface, I do look and I do like them and I appreciate them in my little dirty ways here and there, but at the core - because that's just the surface, that's just the plastic - the core is what I’m telling you. We need them. Every living breathing human being on this planet regardless to your sexual orientation benefits from two things from a woman: the agreement to enter the act and the agreement to have you. So they have the power. Every human being has come through those silver-lined doors," he told DJ Zane Lowe at last night's BRIT Awards.

The capitalisation of the title and double spacing between each letter was important to the 40-year-old musician. He wanted it to look a "little weird" when people saw it, in the hope he'll spark a debate.

"The reason why it [looks strange] is because society is a little unbalanced. And I just thought like, if I’m gonna make an album, I need to make an album that says everything that I’ve ever wanted to say, like dreamt of," he explained.

Pharrell gushed about how vital the female influence in his life has been. He has son Rocket with his wife Helen Lasichanh and claims everything good in his life has been the result of the women in it. He calls ladies his "bosses" and says the record was a way of him analysing that relationship.

Pharrell hopes fans will be as impressed with the album as he is, calling it his best work yet.