Lil' Kim's best friend will fight "tooth and nail" to be in the delivery room when she gives birth.

The 39-year-old star confirmed she is expecting her first child last week, when she was spotted at a New York Fashion Week event with a large baby bump. Rapper Mr. Papers then announced he is the baby's father, revealing the tot is a boy and he is in a relationship with Lil' Kim.

Now her best friend Jennifer Dalton has opened up about the rapper's pregnancy, saying she has been craving fruit, steak and vegetable pizza.

"[Kim] says we'll probably do Lamaze class around eight months. She says she has like five midwives, and I'm one of the midwives," Jennifer giggled to Us Weekly. "I'm going to be in there with her when she gives birth! She has a lot of good people around her, but there is only one person allowed in the room with her and that's me! I'll fight tooth and nail for that!"

Jennifer has been going with Lil' Kim to her doctor's appointments and ensuring she has everything she needs to be happy and comfortable. That includes going on runs to the grocery store when a craving strikes and providing huge amounts of pillows.

"I have to give her all these pillows. She tucks herself in between them... She has two behind her head, one by her chest, one between her legs, two on her back -she's just cuddled in between pillows. All you see is little Lil' Kim in the foetal position with pillows everywhere. It's very cute!” she explained.

Jennifer hit out at people who have questioned Lil' Kim's maternal instinct, insisting she is great around kids. The performer is godmother to Jennifer's daughter as well as two other tots and apparently always knew she wanted to have a family.

"Because she's been so busy working and with her career, it's never been the right time and now she's like, I want a child, this is my time, I'm going to have this child, I'm going to be a great mother, and I'm going to have a great career after my child," Jennifer said.

Lil' Kim has already insisted being a parent won't slow her down, saying she will be a working mom who will continue to release new music. The only thing that is changing is her fashion sense, as the star can't wear the tight-fitting corsets she was once known for now she is expecting.