Fans of Marc Bolan and Top of the Pops are in for a real treat on 3 March when exclusive footage of the legendary star Marc Bolan performing Teenage Dream on Top of the Pops on 7 February 1974 resurfaces for the first time on a CD/DVD collection which includes Tanx and Alloy And The Riders of Tomorrow/A Creamed Cage.

The Top of the Pops performance marked the final time Bolan was on Top of the Pops in his Glam persona and it was the only time he did a solo performance on the show. The original tape of Bolan’s Teenage Dream performance was wiped by the BBC but a home recording of the footage was tracked down a few years back and is now featured on this collector’s release from Demon Music’s Edsel label, giving fans the chance to see it again or for the very first time.

Bolan fan Dave Kemp who went on to run the Slade Fan Club was in the audience describes how the recording which took place on 6 February 1974, kept going wrong “Marc Bolan was attached to a hydraulic star which kept throwing him off and it took 3 or 4 times to get it right! It was a fantastic experience”.

March 3 sees the release of 3 Marc Bolan titles – Tyrannosaurus Rex A Beard of Stars, T. Rex and the Tanx/Zinc Alloy outing.