Jason Derulo got Jordin Sparks 10,000 roses for Valentine's Day as he wanted to "tone it down a bit".

The two singers have been dating for around two years and Jason is known for his flamboyant displays of affection, having bought his 24-year-old girlfriend a BMW for Christmas.

He wanted to be less over-the-top this February 14, but that didn't end up going to plan.

"I did get Jordin a car for Christmas so I wanted to tone it down a bit for Valentine's Day so I was like, 'Let me get some flowers.' But then I went to the flower shop and I was like, 'Yo, what if I got a bunch of flowers?' So I got 10,000 orange roses and I booked a suite so we didn't have to clean up the mess at the crib," he told Rap-Up TV. "She was shocked. I was shocked when I came in the room too ’cause I ain’t never seen 10,000 flowers in the room like that, so it was kinda crazy."

Afterwards Jordin told her friends all about the romantic display, which didn't go down to well. Apparently they began jokingly moaning that it was no wonder they couldn't find any flowers on Valentine's as Jason had cleaned out the whole supply.

Jason is gearing up for the US release of his new record Talk Dirty in April, which will feature his smash hit single of the same name. He wanted to try new things this time around and calls the record "off the wall".

The song Talk Dirty features rapper 2 Chainz, with Jordin also singing on another track on the record.

"On the album we're still hashing out which songs are gonna make the album. I'm still working until the fat lady sings, but in terms of who, I know Jordin is definitely, definitely on the album but aside from that I don't really know," Jason explained.

"It's a very sultry song, it's called Vertigo. It's one of those records [that's] really stripped down. There's no bells, no whistles, it's just us and the track. It's one of those sexy joints man, you gotta check it out."