Selena Gomez supposedly aimed to “piss Justin [Bieber] off” by dating Niall Horan.

The 21-year-old songstress and the One Direction star posed for pictures with fans in London while they were out Sunday on what appeared to be a date.

And apparently Selena was hoping her picture with Niall would go viral so that her ex-boyfriend Justin would see it and get jealous.

“She knows it’s going to piss Justin off because he always says that 1D is trying to steal his crown,” a source told Hollywood Life.

It’s rumoured Selena and Niall, 20, passionately “made out” during their time together.

But according to sources, she isn’t interested in getting serious with the boy band member.

“Selena is happy but it’s not looking like a huge relationship is going to come out of this recent hook-up. Friends with benefits is what she likes at this time,” the insider explained.

“Would she see [Niall] again? Yes. He’s being a gentleman and that is great for her. She’ll hang out with him again because he will be able to take her to some special places.”

Niall reportedly split from Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin earlier this month after dating since late last year.
Selena officially ended her relationship with Justin in 2013, but they have been spotted out together several times since their breakup.

It was recently confirmed Selena undertook two weeks of treatment at Dawn at The Meadows recovery facility last month for emotional issues.

And speculation is rife her visit was spawned by a desire to deal with the lingering heartbreak she is experiencing after breaking up with 19-year-old Justin.

"The more Justin moves away from Selena, the more she wants him. The whole relationship is unhealthy and toxic for her," a source previously noted.