Courteney Cox has reportedly moved Johnny McDaid into her Malibu home.

The former Friends star has been dating Johnny since last year, and is said to be totally smitten with the Snow Patrol band member.

The pair had been spending more and more time together and after a New Year break without her new beau, pals say she realised she wanted to him move in with her. There's even said to have been talk about a wedding.

"Johnny went home to Ireland over New Year while Courteney headed to Mexico with Jennifer Aniston. The time apart made her realise how serious she is about him and as soon as she got home she asked him to live with her. This is the happiest Courteney has been in a long time," an insider revealed to Britain's Grazia magazine.

Courteney is said to have been bowled over with how good Johnny is with her nine-year-old daughter Coco.

She had Coco with ex-husband David Arquette, with whom she still shares a close friendship.

"What has really impressed Courteney is how good Johnny is with Coco. She didn't let any other man near her daughter. He's always out in the grounds playing sport with Coco and bonding with her.

"Also, David approves of him - they've met a few times and are even planning a dinner with David and his new partner Christina [McLarty]. They're all comfortable around each other. Johnny doesn't feel at all awkward about it," the source added.

Instead of gracing the red carpets of glitzy showbiz parties, Courteney and David enjoy quiet nights in.

Those closest to Courteney say they've noticed a big difference in the 49-year-old actress, and all the change is for the better. There were even rumours earlier this week that the pair were planning on tying the knot.

"He and Courteney's favourite date nights are staying in and watching movies - usually comedies - and Courteney makes these buffets for them with a different theme each week.

"She's in such good spirits around him, she's positive and it's the first time in years she's been truly content and not worrying about things all the time," the source said.