Justin Bieber is reportedly hoping to move to Atlanta to aid his rap career.

The 19-year-old pop star is understood to be considering a change in the kind of music he produces. He's recently been in the studio with rapper T.I. and has changed his Instagram name to Bizzle. He also posted a picture of himself recording with P. Diddy, Rick Ross, Wale, Stalley and Jermaine Dupri online, before the group hit a club together.

According to TMZ, he is now considering relocating to make a hip-hop career more viable.

"We've learned he's now looking at homes in the Atlanta area because it puts him smack in the middle of a hip hop mecca," the site reports.

Justin has been in the city for the last week or so and has had such a good time it's apparently reignited his love for it.

He previously lived there, after he made the move from Canada to start his music career.

The 19-year-old singer has apparently been pumping his new hip-hop pals for advice on where to look for property and what the most desirable areas of the city are.

He is also said to be enjoying the sense of privacy he gets in Atlanta, where there are less paparazzi following him around. However, it doesn't appear that the movement will be completely permanent as he will still have a base in Los Angeles too.

Justin's career has been up in the air over the last few months as around Christmas time he claimed he was retiring.

Although his manager Scooter Braun insisted he just needed some time off to relax, Justin refused to confirm or deny reports he was stepping back from pop music.

He then became embroiled in a number of legal spats, including being arrested for DUI and resisting arrest in Miami and being arrested for allegedly damaging his neighbour's home with eggs in Calabasas, California.