Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber supposedly have a “superficial” relationship.

Reports recently emerged the pop stars were feuding after Miley made comments about Justin’s recent legal woes during a The Tonight Show with Jay Leno appearance on January 30.

But apparently he isn’t bothered by the Wrecking Ball songstress’ statements, as they do not share a tight bond.

“They rarely see each other so these comments will be forgotten when they see each other at an award show,” an insider told Hollywood Life.

“[Their friendship] is very superficial in the first place but if its good for business they’ll be seen together or work together in the future guaranteed. Maybe no Thanksgivings together though.”

During her Tonight Show interview, Miley advised Justin to “pay people” to make sure he didn’t get into trouble and that no one had seen a “Miley mugshot” because what she did was legal in California.

Justin has been charged with several criminal offences in two countries within the past month, including a DUI, resisting arrest, and assault.

The National Enquirer first reported that the troubled 19-year-old star went into a fury when he first heard Miley discussed his scandals on television.

“Miley’s comments infuriated The Biebs, who phoned the next day and warned her to keep her f**king mouth shut,” a source told the publication.

“Justin was furious. When she defended herself by telling Justin he really needs to get his act together before he implodes, he exploded and hung up. Now he’s telling his peeps, ‘I hate her.’”