Pink thinks real rock stars "hide".

The 34-year-old singer is one of the biggest stars on the planet but prefers to keep her personal life as private as possible.

She's not a fan of attention seekers and thinks those with real talent have no need to be constantly trying to prove their status.

"you ever notice it's always the non rock stars acting like rock stars and the actual rock stars are hiding in the back w/ a hat pulled low? (sic)" she mused on Twitter.

Pink has built up a huge fan base and has more than 22 million followers on the social networking site.

It seems that her loyal groupies are aware of her talent without any media hype.

"That's because the real stars don't have to do the whole 'look at me' scene. They know who they are. #YouRockYouStar (sic)," one posted.

Another added: "let them act like rock stars and get all the pap attention, may give u a better chance to live a life without them following (sic)."

Pink and her husband Carey Hart welcomed their daughter Willow in June 2011.

After the birth of her first child, the star made it very clear where she stands when it comes to photographers hounding celebrities and their families.

“Due to the unsettling, surprisingly aggressive and unsafe measures that the paparazzi seem to be willing to go to in order to secure that ‘first shot’ of our daughter – stalking us, chasing us in cars and sitting outside of our home all day and all night, [we] decided that we would release personal photos of our Willow, and donate all of the money to charity,” she said at the time.

“It’s one thing to harass and stalk us, the adults, the celebrity that signed up for this life... But children should be protected and safe. There should be a clear distinction between us.”