Justin Bieber is allegedly considering legal action against a former housekeeper.

The 19-year-old Canadian star is said to be unimpressed with a story that was published in a British tabloid newspaper, which detailed Justin's private life.

Tatiana Voziouk is believed to have pocketed a five-figure sum when she spoke to the Sunday People, reports New York Daily News' Confidenti@l column.

"This woman embellished a number of things in an effort to profiteer from Justin. She is in breach of her nondisclosure agreement and has sold confidential information so there is a case against her," a source divulged to Confidenti@l.

In the explosive article Tatiana, who worked at Justin's home for a year from August 2012, went into detail about what she saw come and go from the mansion.

She claims she witnessed marijuana being delivered to the house by a legal drug company that handles supplies for medicinal purposes.

"The drugs and hangers-on are turning Justin into a zombie," she said in the interview that was published on January 26.

She also went on to say that Justin is in danger of ending up like Michael Jackson if he doesn't curb his ways.

Tatiana's attorney Laurence Ring says that despite Justin reportedly wanting to sue, his client is not scared.

"Tatiana is not fearful of any litigation because she was wrongfully terminated and she has claims against Justin Bieber including unpaid overtime and employment benefits," he said.

Justin may be changing his ways though, as Confidenti@l reveal his new entourage now includes people associated with Minister Louis Farrakhan and followers of the Nation of Islam.

"Justin stayed at the Four Seasons downtown hotel while he was in Atlanta last week and was seen singing to a maid in the elevator. He also went to a local school and played hockey with a CNN executive's son. Farrakhan's disciples are showing Justin the light when others around him have led him on a path of destruction," the source added.