There are reportedly two surveillance videos which implicate Justin Bieber in the alleged egging incident on his neighbour's home.

The 19-year-old star has been accused of causing $20,000 of damage to the property in Calabasas, California, by pelting it with the food.

Police are investigating and it's been claimed they are recommending the singer is charged with felony vandalism, which comes with a possible jail sentence of between one and three years.

According to TMZ, two pieces of video are at the centre of evidence. One apparently shows the Canadian heartthrob "in the vicinity of the area where the egging occurred at the time of the attack".

The other piece of footage boasts a voice which is alleged to be Justin arguing with his neighbour during the supposed incident.

"At one point you ever hear Bieber scream, 'F**k you! I got another one for you actually,'" the site reports.

However, it was dark when the piece was shot so Justin is not seen in the video.

The police also have two witnesses, the man who lives next to Justin and his daughter - who phoned for the cops to come. The timing of the call is said to be vital, as it is the same as when the singer appears on the surveillance video.

All evidence has apparently been sent to the district attorney, who will rule on whether the charge should be a misdemeanour or the more serious felony this week.

Justin is beset by legal issues at the moment. He was charged with DUI, driving with an invalid license and resisting arrest in Miami last month, after he was allegedly stopped by police who suspected him of drag racing.

He is also facing problems in Canada, where he handed himself in recently following claims he assaulted a limousine driver.