Joe Jonas' niece is so tiny it “scares” him.

The former Jonas Brothers singer’s sibling Kevin welcomed his first child with wife Danielle earlier this month.

While Joe admits he’s thrilled to be an uncle, the singer is a bit overwhelmed by baby Alena Rose.

"She is so tiny, it kind of scares me," the 24-year-old told E! News. "She was awake, kicking and smiling and grabbing for your finger."

Joe also admitted having “a female life” in the family is “mind blowing” after growing up in a house full of brothers.

"I honestly can't wait to spend more time with her," he gushed.

The crooner also opened up about how fatherhood has already changed his older brother.

Joe revealed Kevin doesn’t seem to be getting much rest with his life now revolving around the baby girl.

"I mean he is a dad now and it's kinda crazy. I know he has not gotten much sleep. He instagrammed a picture at like 2 p.m. saying 'good morning' with the baby so he was probably was up all night with her as she was crying," Joe said.
Kevin and Danielle married in December 2009.

The pop star and reality TV personality confirmed he was going to be a dad last July.

"I was overjoyed. It's been the most exciting thing in my life so far. I'm excited and I'm nervous,” Kevin said at the time.
But Joe isn’t planning to follow in his brother's footsteps any time soon.

"I will take my time. I will take my time with running around and having my fun. Down the road,” he laughed.