Miley Cyrus has offered fans a sneak peek at her Bangerz Tour.

The 21-year-old pop star is hitting the road February 14, with her first show kicking off in Vancouver.

And the singer hinted there will be plenty of twerking during the trek when she took to Twitter at the weekend.

One in a series of photos posted by Miley featured a girl on stage wearing stars and stripes as she put her back to the stadium audience and began dancing.

The stage production appears to be all that Miley promised, with a technicolor background, lights and floor moving beneath the girl’s feet.

Miley previous said she wants fans to see her “different world” when they come to her concerts, revealing her desire to create an environment where she feels at home because she feels like an outsider most of the time.

"I just want everything I do to feel like people going to a different world because people always make it seem I don't fit in to what this normal kind of world is,” she told MTV News. “So I want to take people out of the normal world and go into my world. I think that's part of why I was inspired to have this alien theme for the EMAs. I just want it to feel like anything is possible and everything goes in the arena when I'm there, I'm pro everything. Everyone's loved. Everyone's accepted."

The Bangerz Tour is scheduled to trek through the US and Canada before heading to Europe, with a final show in Barcelona scheduled for June 13.