Invada Records are pleased to unveil the first two tracks taken from the split LP between Brighton’s Esben and the Witch and elemental Bristol fuzz-peddlers Thought Forms. The full-length is due for release on April 7th.

The two cuts serve as a tantalising preview of the record; a potent reminder of why both acts have seen such critical praise on past releases. Esben’s ‘No Dog’ is rife with a volatile intensity from the off: veering between unnerving passages of calm marked by Rachel Davies’ unadorned vocals, and explosions of tribal drums topped by guitars so dark and dense they’d make Buzz Osborne blush.

Thought Forms’ ‘Sound of Violence’, meanwhile, matches ‘No Dog’ for drama but achieves its mesmerising nature by greatly different means. Developing from the sort of interlocking, chiming guitar riffs you wouldn’t put past Evol-era Sonic Youth, it builds to breaking point with layer-upon-layer of blanketed distortion and rollicking drums that constantly threaten its teetering off the edge into oblivion. Fortunately, that collapse never comes.


1. Thought Forms – ‘Your Bones’
2. Thought Forms – ‘Sound of Violence’
3. Thought Forms – ‘For the Moving Stars’
4. Thought Forms – ‘Silver Kiss’
5. Esben and the Witch – ‘No Dog’
6. Esben and the Witch – ‘Butoh’