Kanye West is reportedly grappling to assert is "authority" with regards to his upcoming wedding.

The rapper proposed to reality TV star Kim Kardashian in October last year and they will marry in France in May, according to reports this week.

Despite being notoriously private, Kanye has backed down and will let Keeping Up with the Kardashians' cameras in on their big day, but he's apparently determined to stay in control.

"Kanye knew that having their ceremony on the show means a lot to Kim," a source told British magazine Star.

"That's why he got down on one knee on camera. He relented to having their wedding filmed, too, but he wants to maintain some authority. He's very specific in his visions and wants to inject a high-fashion style, as he wanted them to get married in Paris."

Recent reports suggested Kanye even wanted control over the kind of dress Kim, 33, wears on the big day.

This, coupled with input from her mother Kris Jenner, is said to be leaving the brunette feeling very pushed out.

"It's left Kim feeling like she has no say," the insider explained.

"As the bride she should be excited about making her own preparations, but it's becoming more about Kanye and Kris' egos. She's got a groomzilla to deal with, as well as a demanding mother of the bride.

"Kanye is already feeling suffocated as he and Kim are living at Kris' house while theirs is renovated. But now Kris is encroaching on the wedding, too, it's making him even more determined to do it his own way."