t.A.T.u reunited onstage at the Sochi Winter Olympics pre-show.

The Russian pop duo met with international acclaim in 2003 after releasing hit songs Not Gonna Get Us and All the Things She Said.

And although they officially separated in 2011 due to personal conflicts, Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova put their differences aside to perform at their home country’s opening ceremony.

People magazine reports the women sang their hit songs for thousands of screaming fans in Fisht Stadium while holding hands. A medley of dancers dressed in rainbow-coloured clothes pranced behind them.

t.A.T.u hails from Moscow and they met with worldwide success a decade ago partly due to their controversial performances.

In their music video for single All the Things She Said, Lena and Yulia shared a kiss with each other while dancing in the rain in schoolgirl uniforms, which scintillated fans around the planet. At the 2003 MTV Movie Awards the ladies were accompanied by nothing but female dancers in student garb onstage. At the end of the number the backup dancers stripped down to their underwear and locked lips.

t.A.T.u’s return to the world stage comes amidst furore over Russia’s anti-homosexuality legislation. Many countries have condemned the nation for restricting gay rights after passing the law last summer.

And it appears bizarre that t.A.T.u performed their songs at this time, as the band is largely associated with unbridled, fully self-expressed and celebrated lesbianism.

The Sochi Winter Olympics ceremony will air in the evening on US television.