Demi Lovato is “really inspired” by Beyoncé Knowles.

The singer’s Neon Lights Tour kicks off this Sunday, with Nick Jonas as creative and musical director.

According to Demi, Beyoncé’s way of constantly reinventing herself has been a huge influence.

"I was also really inspired by Beyoncé, who had a music video for every single song on the album," Demi told MTV News. "And some of these I had music video ideas for a while and... I'm excited for people to see it."

Nick confirms this tour will be like nothing else people have seen from Demi, with opening acts including Fifth Harmony, Little Mix and Cher Lloyd.

The Jonas Brothers star says audiences should expect plenty of “exclusive content”.

"Demi came to the whole team just on the creative side both video and music, and she said I want to give fans something special for every bit of the show," Nick explained. "What we did, we looked online to what her fans wanted to hear and what she's played on the last couple tours and just said 'Ok these are the songs we should play, how can we reimagine them?' and make them sound like her sound now. So a lot of these songs aren't even the original arrangements. They've been completely reimagined."

Demi added the music has also been updated to sound more modern, including songs from years ago. According to the 21-year-old, fans will be pleasantly surprised by the changes.

"We've made them more current too, so we've transformed songs that went to being made a couple years ago to actually sounding like today's music,” Demi said.