Chris Martin allegedly wants to move back to the UK.

The Coldplay frontman is said to be keen to come back to London, following the Los Angeles move that he made with wife Gwyneth Paltrow and their two children, Apple and Moses, last year.

Gwyneth has openly spoken about how much she loves life in LA, but sources say British Chris, 36, isn't as settled.

"Chris has told Gwyneth he wants to move back to his native England with their two children, Apple and Moses, once the school year is over," a source divulged to RadarOnline.

"He hasn't been happy living in Los Angeles because Chris just isn't into the Hollywood scene. Since moving to LA, Chris has been away from the band, and he has essentially put his career on the back burner."

Gwyneth has previously spoken about how the stateside move was an "experiment" and she's hopeful her children can reinvent themselves, a luxury she deems necessary for the development of childhood.

Chris is said to think that 41-year-old Gwyneth can operate her career from anywhere in the world, whereas he feels like he needs to be based in Britain for his commitments to Coldplay.

"At first, Chris was doing it for Gwyneth because of the sacrifices she made for him, especially since he would be on the road for months at time while the band was touring. However, Chris now recognises that Gwyneth doesn't need to be living in Los Angeles for her career," the source added.

"Yes, she is closer to her mom Blythe Danner and friends, but Chris is away from his family and pals. From the beginning of their relationship, Gwyneth always told Chris she wanted to live in London. The couple also owns a home in the Hamptons, and Chris would much rather live there than in Los Angeles."