Selena Gomez is reportedly going against her friends and family's advice by not returning to rehab.

It was recently confirmed the 21-year-old star undertook two weeks of treatment at Dawn at The Meadows recovery facility last month. Her spokesperson stressed she was treated for emotional issues, not substance abuse.

Reports claim Selena left rehab after only two weeks of her supposed six-week treatment so she could attend the Sundance Film Festival.

Although loved ones are said to be concerned for the singer-and-actress' health, Selena is reportedly refusing to complete her treatment now her stint has been made public.

"She will not return to rehab now that everyone knows she went to rehab. Her team had hoped that if they revealed that she sought treatment, that she would consider returning but it actually worked the opposite," a source told HollywoodLife.

"She is going against her family and friends' advice, which she always does, and she will not get the help she needs... It's a process that Selena's team is prepared to battle alongside her."

While she may not be willing to return to the facility, those close to her are said to be forming a strong support system.

They are reportedly making sure she avoids any reckless behaviour, such as seeing her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

"They are in it for the long haul and not making Selena's life very easy right now. She wants to return to work, they aren't letting her. She wants to see Justin, they aren't letting her," the source added.

"They have someone near her at all times and they are trying to do everything to get her back to a healthy lifestyle. It's step by step and going very slow but they are hoping Selena realises she needs help and will obtain it."

Amid claims Justin is a bad influence on the brunette beauty it seems the 19-year-old singer and his pals do not agree.

Sources close to the teenage heartthrob told TMZ Justin and co are "laughing at Selena's 'bad influence' claims, because they say she's always the drunk at the party".

The insider also claims Justin acknowledges "he gets wasted, but whenever he had parties Selena was downright competitive... smoking as much weed as the guys and sometimes outdoing them."