Rihanna is reportedly seeking therapy for her underwear phobia.

The 25-year-old singer is known for flashing her figure both on and off stage. She also enjoys sharing pictures of herself in skimpy outfits on photo-sharing site Instagram, and apparently there is a deep-seated reason for her love of barely-there fashion.

"She's seeking therapy to overcome her feeling of entrapment when wearing bras and knickers," an insider told British magazine Heat. "She insists she feels more free and liberated when she goes commando."

It's not known where Rihanna has been visiting a counsellor or if the treatment is helping her overcome her fear.

The Barbadian singer's love of fashion and beauty is well known. She has created clothing lines for UK store River Island in the past and has teamed up with MAC for a make-up line. At the end of last year it was even reported that she was customising her New York apartment to honour her love for style, creating three walk-in wardrobes by transforming bedrooms.

Although she loves showing off skin nowadays, it's not always been that way for the star. She's previously explained how her look has evolved over the years.

"As a little girl, I only ever wanted to wear my brother's clothes. I grew up with my brothers and [male] cousins so it was only when I met my best friend at 14 and discovered fashion magazines that I got into heels," she said.

"Before that, I always went out in sneakers and pants with a T-shirt rolled up and my cap low. I was never girly."