Time to sleep in a van at a festival

According to a 2010 BBC article, £275 million was spent on festivals that year in the UK, making such events the most lucrative area of the music industry.

The phenomenon is very much UK-centric, with festival in Europe and elsewhere generating nowhere near the same level of excitement. Such is the British enthusiasm for musical festivals, that nearly 700 events are held each year, not all of which charge £10 for a beef burger. These range from the larger festivals like Leeds and Reading to the likes of Truck Festival in Oxford and Bingley Festival, in, er, Bingley.

With the explosive rise of festivals in mind, here is a neat little guide to enjoying and surviving musical festivals:
Getting there

Trains cost a lot and with recent and somewhat frequent price rises, they aren’t getting any cheaper. One option to save money – and this festival veteran’s favourite option - would be to go by car and share the journey to save money on petrol. If you don’t have a car you can easily hire a van for an impressively low rate from companies like Hertz, which to my frugal sensibilities makes much more sense than a train. It means that you can split the cost between even more people, as well as having extra room for all of your stuff. Hiring a van has other benefits, with many visitors to Bingley Music Festival using their vans to sleep in.

If you choose not to sleep in your vans, you can buy tents very cheaply these days, with tesco.com selling two-person tents for under £4! The quality of these will questionable, so if you wish to stay dry during the inevitable torrential down-pour, it would be wiser to go for the £12 version. Remember your sleeping bags.

Rain (and other adverse weather conditions)

In the UK, wellies are a must-purchase, if you plan to go to any festival, as it is pretty much guaranteed to rain. Buy these before you set off for the festival, as those selling them on stalls at the festivals have a captive market and as such charge through the nose. You will also need a waterproof jacket and hat.