In December last year, Beyoncé managed to achieve what only a few of her musical rivals could only dream of achieving, a fifth number one album making her the only female artist to have all five albums debut at number one on the Billboard chart.

All of this was achieved without any promotion and came about as a complete surprise to fans and critics. Part of its praise is routed in its accompanying music videos, and we rate five of the best ones below.

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1. XO
Why not start with the first track to be released from the album? If there’s an answer to the January blues, then ‘XO’ would certainly be it. It’s colourful and fun as Beyoncé visits the famous Coney Island fair at night and you can’t help but be drawn in by that infectious smile. Singing “We don’t have forever/Ooh baby daylight’s wasting/You better kiss me before our time has run out”, Beyoncé’s ‘XO’ a song full of passion and those frissons of falling in love and the video is a great reflection of this upbeat track.

2. Blow
Blow’s lyrics are some of the more raunchier featured on the album, delivered by Beyoncé against the backdrop of an 80s style roller disco which B used to visit as a child. The video is a bit more innocent than the song itself, featuring Beyoncé at her booty shaking best along with some fantastic outfits. The track is smooth and seductive, which fits in well with video’s black mood lighting and close ups of Beyoncé’s pouting red lips. If it doesn’t make you want to head to your nearest roller disco, we don’t know what will.

3. Superpower (Feat. Frank Ocean)
Reflective of Beyoncé’s Destiny’s Child ‘Survivor’ days Superpower goes down a much darker route, with a revolutionary attitude that shows Beyoncé leading her fellow females, including ex bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, through the streets. It’s a slow paced track and the accompanying video is strong, and is probably one of the more ‘story led’ videos on the album.

4. Haunted
‘Haunted’ sees Beyoncé vamp it up, complete with finger waves and glossy red lips. The lyrics of the song suggest that someone is haunting Beyoncé, and the video itself is a bit of a haunting experience, although in the scarier sense of the word, complete with freaky dancers and scary face paint. Despite being one of the more unique videos on the album, it still has a sexy undertone which makes it compelling viewing.

5. Jealous
Showing off the attitude we’ve come to love her for, ‘Jealous’ shows Beyoncé letting an ex know just how amazing and wanted she has become. B looks beautiful, and the video is honest, slick and everything we’ve come to love her for.

It’s hard to pick five favourites from an incredible album, and we can only hope that she showcases as many as possible during her UK tour.