Donnie Wahlberg urges fans to "spread love" and happiness.

The former New Kids on the Block singer often tweets self-reflective messages to his half-million followers.

But on Saturday he took a moment to address those who were giving his tweets a negative spin.

"My tweets aren't secret messages. They're not meant for anyone in particular. They're reminders, for myself, and for any, to lead with love," he wrote.

"If you spend your days happy and loving life... Spread that. If you spend your days miserable and hating the world... Consider why that is," Donnie continued.

"I'm here for one reason; to spread love. All else is secondary. I don't do this because I have to. I do it because I love to! I'm Almas son."

Despite his professional success, Donnie recognised it's important he remains humble.

The singer-turned-director said his days of puffing out his chest are done.

"Every time I want to laugh or gloat or acknowledge hatred by fighting back- I stop! I remember my journey, and I choose gratitude instead!" he wrote (sic).

Donnie, who made his directorial debut on a recent episode of US TV drama Blue Bloods, has plenty to be grateful for.

His girlfriend, Jenny McCarthy, was gushing over the show on Twitter Friday night.

"We ran home to watch my mans directorial debut for # bluebloods time into it 10pm," she wrote, including a picture of herself with the former boybander.

"So proud of my/our mans directorial debut. Great job, baby Donnie," she gushed.