Kim Kardashian is apparently continuing to fight against a permanent move to Paris.

The 33-year-old socialite recently confirmed that she will be marrying her fiancé Kanye West in the romantic French capital.

While the rapper is said to be keen to relocate to Europe, Kim is reportedly putting her foot down when it comes to packing up and leaving the U.S.

"Kim loves the idea of getting married in Paris - after all, it's so romantic and it's what Kanye wants," an insider told British magazine Star.

"But she is really not keen on the idea of a permanent move there."

Kanye has been spending a lot of time in France for work, while Kim continues to film her reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians in America.

It's often been reported that Kanye is not a fan of the arguably intrusive show, which follows Kim and her family.

The idea of a quiet life could be what's drawing the musician to Paris, along with recently having spent time there with his wife-to-be.

"The trip has really cemented Kanye's love of Paris," the source continued.

"He's told Kim that the privacy laws are tougher in France and that it would be better for them and [daughter] Nori to move there."

While Kim apparently loves the "grandness" of the city, it's thought there have been arguments about her reluctance to move.

She gave birth to daughter North in June last year and allegedly has a different life planned for her.

"She wants North to grow up around her family and knowing her cousins," the insider said.

"They're still talking it through because Kanye really wants it to happen."