is set to launch its boldest and most epic TV advert so far with the latest iteration in its ‘You’re So MoneySuperMarket’ campaign.

Featuring entertainment icon Snoop Dogg, the advert is an extension of the feel good theme – Save Money, Feel Epic. The new campaign focuses on MoneySuperMarket’s car insurance offering and the savings that can be made by comparing the price of household bills.

Filmed on location in Los Angeles, the ad opens with Phil, the skinny British dude, who feels so epic about the savings he has made on his car insurance that he takes on an epic swagger that gives the impression he’s driving an invisible all-American classic Chevy Low Rider.

As continues to amplify just how awesome it feels to save money and feel epic, Phil cruises around Los Angeles in his imaginary pimped up ride, cranking up his stereo to blast out a Snoop hip-hop classic “What’s My Name?.”

Inspired by the sentiment of the rap anthem, Phil performs tyre-screaming donuts in his Low Rider whilst he receives looks of envy as he cruises past. As Phil pulls up alongside another Low Rider, he notices that leaning against it is none other than Snoop Dogg himself who nods in respect of Phil and announces “Save money and feel like Phil”.

As the MoneySuperMarket end line and logo appears on the screen, Snoop tells the audience “You’re so MoneySuperMarket”.

The campaign will also receive additional marketing support with activity planned across PR, CRM and social media channels.