Prince’s new music had the New Girl cast “going nuts”.

The 55-year-old pop icon makes a special guest appearance on the hilarious TV show starring Zooey Deschanel during the programme’s forthcoming Super Bowl Sunday episode.

And New Girl star Jake Johnson says fans are in for a treat, as Prince debuts fresh music.

"He does a new song. He performs an original song, that I believe hasn't been released yet," Jake told MTV News. "So we all got to watch a little concert. The episode ends with a performance. The song’s awesome and watching him perform was kind of next level. So, it's a really cool conclusion to it all. ... It sounds like a Prince song. It sounded good.

He had everybody in that room dancing. Everybody was kind of going nuts."

Jake believes Prince is a genius entertainer, as he has mastered all forms of creative expression.

The actor is impressed by the musician’s comedic timing and acting skill.

"He's also just a genuinely talented human being. He's obviously Prince the musician, but he's a really good actor," Jake gushed. "And I think people will see in the episode that he's legitimately good and he's legitimately funny.”

Jake’s co-star Zooey has made similar statements about Prince’s onscreen abilities before.

But the actress confessed when he first arrived on set, she expected him to float in like a supernatural god.

“I sort of half expected him to appear out of thin air or propel himself from the sky,” she told America’s OK! magazine reporters at FOX’s Winter Press Tour presentation recently.

“But, no, he walked in like a normal person.”