Miley Cyrus was supposedly “loving her lap dance”.

The 21-year-old Bangerz singer partied at West Hollywood nightclub DBA recently.

And she was captured in an image obtained by InTouch magazine enjoying the performances given by sexy topless dancers.

“The girl was dancing on Miley, shaking her ass and twerking up against her,” a fellow clubgoer told the publication. “Miley was loving it and smacking her ass.”

According to sources Miley couldn’t get enough of the fun, steamy atmosphere.

Although she had the opportunity to steal the show, she was apparently more interested in being entertained by other performers’ antics.

“After the dance, a topless woman wearing a bear’s head came over and sat on Miley’s lap,” an eyewitness revealed.

“Miley put her arms around her — she seemed to really be enjoying the attention.”

Earlier this month the hardworking pop star was temporarily put on bed rest due to illness.

The singer told fans she suffered from “the worst stomach flu of all time".

But that didn’t Miley from listening to her new album non-stop in order to prepare for her upcoming Bangerz tour, scheduled to kick off in less than a month.

“Listening to #bangerz all day #bedrestrehearsals,” she tweeted on Wednesday.

“my neighbors bout to think I'm reallllllllll narcissistic. #bangerz on dem surrrrround sounnnndddd maaaa faxxxx (sic).”

The songstress is supposed to kick off her upcoming tour on February 14 in Vancouver, Canada.

But she admits she’s having anxiety about the shows.

“majorly stressing out/so much to do before #bangerztour,” she wrote.