Macklemore "got emotional" during his Grammy performance.

The rapper and record producer Ryan Lewis joined Mary Lambert and Madonna on stage last Sunday for a history-making rendition of Same Love.

The star-studded audience got on their feet when Queen Latifah came out to usher in more than two dozen couples who were married during the show, many of them same-sex.

And Macklemore admits he could barely hold it together.

"I got emotional during rehearsal and I got emotional during the performance," he told Ellen DeGeneres in an episode of her talk show airing Tuesday, according to E! News.

"During the third verse, when I started rapping, that's when the procession of couples started coming in, and everyone stood up at that point and, you know, it just gives me goose bumps thinking about it now," he said. "To watch the Staples Center kind of erupt and stand up and participate in that ceremony. It was magic."

Madonna sang her 1986 hit Open Your Heart during the ceremony.

Ellen, who is married to longtime partner Portia DeRossi, admitted she was touched.

"Madonna was great. She called me right afterward and she goes, 'Wasn't that so emotional?' and it was," the comedienne shared.

"She was so gracious to come and share the stage and she killed it," Macklemore said.

The rapper and Ryan Lewis scooped four awards at this year's Grammys, including Album of the Year and Best Rap Song.