Ariana Grande thinks people should be more "sensitive" towards Justin Bieber.

The Beauty and a Beat singer was arrested in Miami last week for driving under the influence and was released from jail on a $2,500 bond.

While many have hit out at the 19-year-old's erratic behaviour, Ariana has a different outlook. She believes the teenage heartthrob needs guidance rather than criticism.

"[Justin is] the most visible and yet isolated human being I've ever met... He's very isolated. I don't think anybody understands. I don't think anybody could ever understand," she told Access Hollywood. "I certainly don't, but I just think that people could be a little more sensitive to him... he does need help, but I don't think he needs punishment."

Justin has jetted out to Central American country Panama since the incident. He is thought to be trying to keep a low profile and Ariana, 20, hopes those close to him will support him.

"There's a difference between helping somebody and punishing them. It gets to a point where all you need is a good talk with your family," she added.

"I think he's in good hands and I don't think he's putting anything at jeopardy other than his health... I just know that a lot of people are rooting for him to be healthy and that's, like, the most important thing."

Justin has had a troubling last few months. Prior to the DUI, the musician's home in Calabasas, California, was raided by cops in connection to an alleged egging incident on his neighbour's home. He is believed to have caused $20,000 worth of damage with his actions.

TMZ also reported LA County Sheriff's deputies were faced with evidence of drug use when inside Justin's property.
The popstar's ex-girlfriend Milyn Jensen, who he believed to have hooked up with during his relationship with Selena Gomez, has voiced her concerns.

"He's surrounded himself with the wrong people. He didn't want to be the cheesy popstar anymore and has gone way too far the other way," she told British newspaper The Sun.