Ed Sheeran says he has recorded 11 songs with The Game.

Speculation was rife about the pair collaborating after Ed posted an Instagram picture of them together last summer.

According to the singer, rap is something he has become very passionate about.

"I've done a lot of rap songs of late and they're all quite interesting," he told MTV News. “I've ended up on songs with some interesting people. There's one I can't really name just 'cause I think it'd be quite a surprise when it comes out but I did around 11 records with The Game, which is quite interesting.”

The Brit goes on to say that while he knows his new album is being released in the summer, he isn’t sure of the exact date. Ed explains he needed time off to himself but is getting back into the studio in March.

"I haven't really set a date yet. It's definitely summer. I needed to take a month off. I had September through February off," he said. "I have the whole, the month of February off and then I start again."

Ed has strong support in the shape of fellow musician Taylor Swift. According to Taylor, if it were up to her the singer would win everything where awards are concerned.

"I want him to win everything he's ever up for. He's one of my favourite people on the planet. And he's so talented and he's worked so hard for it,” she told Billboard.