Ariana Grande finds herself "sobbing" at Disney films.

The 20-year-old singer is known for belting out emotional love songs with her strong voice.

When it comes to movies, she likes them just as heart-wrenching as her lyrics.

"I sob," she admitted to UK Star magazine when asked if she cried at films.

"Films like The Notebook and Toy Story 3 leave me an emotional wreck. Jesus! The first ten minutes of Up are like the end of Titanic, times a million!"

She might have started off on Nickelodeon show Victorious, but Ariana is now very much a part of the music industry.

However, she has a clear idea of who would play her if anyone were ever to make a biopic about her life.

"Jennifer Garner," she stated. "She's sweet and she's got dimples. She's playful and quirky, like me."

Onscreen, the star would like to get matched to a "funny guy" like Jim Carrey or Steve Carell.

She recently split up with The Wanted's Nathan Sykes, 20, but Ariana is open to sharing a cheeky kiss with a boyfriend when at the cinema.

"Yeah, if it's a cute film. Then why not?" she smiled.

Her preferred cinema snack is a bag of popcorn, as she claims it's better value for money than a box of nachos.

While she enjoys cuddling up with a chick flick, scary films don't faze the singer.

"I love them, but I'm a bit of a horror movie buff, so it takes a lot to make me really jump or scream," she explained.